NTW Inc. Innovative trading company ,“On-site Trading Company”.
CONTACT US“On-site trading company” is a registered trademark of NTW Inc.
PCB procurement overseas, Quality management of overseas factories, WHICH COMPANY I can count on? HAVE NO IDEA... ,Why don’t you leave everything to on-site trading company?? We intend to support you thoroughly from getting factory sertification to experimentally producing ,delivery of materials, and quality mangement with he most appropriate plan that takes in your intentions.
From Japan to all over Asia, NTW Inc.’s challenges is continued→.

We used to focus on partner manufacturers around Guan Dong province in China.
However, we already started to broaden our horizon to all other Asian manufacturers- to Shanghai, India, Vietnam, Korea, Southeast Asia and East Asia. NTW Inc. promises providing wide range of propasals on electric components to you.

Why NTW Inc. has been chosen
Staff always on site

NTW Inc. is not a manufacturer and does not have capital in each manufacturer, but NTW staff always stays at factory for supporting control and giving instruction. We have our own office in each partner manufacturer’s factory, which enables us to coordinate closely with partners, to provide valuable information timely and appropriate quality control on site.

We are not just a coordinatorto reccommend “cheapest product” to customer.

We are always “on-site trading company” considering from two points of view- customer’s standpoint and manufacturer’s logic -with actual and timely information  on-site.

Benefit of “On-site Trading Compnay”

We focus on being an “indispensable business category” for customer as an interface between customer and manufacturer.  We believe this indispensable business category enables to provide only-one beneficial support to customer.

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